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INGENIUM – our flagship programme, Personalized & Customized for an Improved Impact..!!

This innovative learning method is designed to create a collaborative, innovative and flexible atmosphere to optimise experiential learning. Self-learning strategy enhances the performance and potential for growth.

This innovative learning method provides flexible structure and facilitation in which the teams learn and develop new capabilities to explore, transform and redefine impact.

These creative interventions are based on adult learning principles to deliver powerful and sustainable outcome.

The modules comprise of training sessions, activities focussed at experiential learning, team assignments, evaluation, review and feedback. Training sessions are conducted by our faculty and follow-up activities are conducted by our faculty or in-house L&D trainers as per mutual agreement. This innovative approach to the otherwise non-measurable domain of soft skills is an effective method to make the learning more relevant and result oriented.

Skills & experience are essential in the selection process, but may not give the complete picture of the candidate. Personality Assessment Tests facilitate appropriate selection based on their personality traits & strengths. Every individual is unique & hence the assessment should be personalised & not follow some general tools which are widely popular. Our assessment tool is indigenouslydesigned after extensive research & is tested & validated for Indian population.

Module 1 – for Junior Management

The work-life challenges encountered by the junior management might come as a shock as no academic qualification equips the students to deal with these. The focus of career development is on hard skills and ability to get work-related tasks done.

In order to have a positive transition in the professional corporate culture, it requires personal attributes like...

  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Culture

Soft skills encompass all these skills which can be acquired and are an investment worth making.!!

Our sustainable learning modules provide the method, tools and platform to hone these skills and facilitate the transition in the corporate world.

Typically, the Intervention is designed to be delivered in a logical manner addressing to various needs of the workforce, such as Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Corporate Etiquette, Innovation & Lateral Thinking, just to name a few.

Module 2 – for Middle Management

The mid-level managers are the backbone of an organisation and a vital link between the senior and junior levels of management. They typically face their own set of challenges, and if let unaddressed, lead to disgruntlement and low motivation.

The transition from junior to middle level management creates new demands.

The manager in this new role becomes successful with the skills and attributes like...

  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Etiquette & Small Talk

Most organisations do not provide formal coaching or mentoring for this transition. Our sustainable learning programme is designed to provide insights, challenge old perceptions and equip and empower them to handle these newly acquired responsibilities effectively.

Typically, the Intervention is designed to be delivered in a logical manner addressing to various needs of the workforce, such as Communication Skills, People Management, Leadership Development, Change Management, Accountability & Ownership, just to name a few.


Parameters of Business Leaders that affect the performance of your Team:

  • Leadership Style
  • Communication Skills
  • Delegation Methodology
  • Effective Time Usage

REFLECTIONS - An "INNER" Insight will help you map these parameters of your Personality.

Customised one-day Activity for Business Leaders which will help you Rediscover Yourself.!!

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